2009.9.15 Wibro...?Narrobro...!

Diary 2009/09/15 23:23 미첼
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I have bought KT wibro service.
Because My interent enviroment was very poor. I used to steal other internet WLAN service. So, the service sometimes have been disconnected. I haven't waited for the disconnected service.

And finally, I applied for the wibro!!

Pushed UICC card into wibro modem, installed CM programs, and connected it up my computer....and...

...Why signal is so weak!!??

It has displayed only one point on the screen.
Usually, 3~4 points is common, and one of my friends who bought the service before said,
"3~4 points are displayed when your computer close to windows..."

Hmm, however, it shows better response time than before.
So, I am satisfied with that, and I will use it about 6 months.
2009/09/15 23:23 2009/09/15 23:23
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