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Sayno 2009/07/07 14:07 미첼

I watch a TV program called VJ special man(I do not watch variety or drama), one day, the program showed that a chief of restaurant went across all of Korea in order to get good stones pan and has made an effort to grind those, because he knew that meats are varied by pans. Pork meat management is not labor for him, but it is a hobby. Of course, guests are boomed there.


Many riches say working is a hobby. It means they enjoy it. The author of <Millionaire mind>, Thomas J. Stanley, shows data which was written of 733 millionaires, it describes that 86% of them tell My success is result of loving job and work. And 81% of them spoke My work let me use up all of my abilities.


However, it is a silly thing that most people seek to work which is suited for them. And many of them believe that I am dreaming and want is I must do or I have abilities for that without detail preparations. However, ability or skill, those things are not showed until when you experience. I want to say that ability test is not credible.(I am not good at any sector in ability test)


Is it really? Look at more details about that. They never start work for his ability on the one morning. That works to geniuses. Motivations for millionaire to choose jobs are just chances (29%), trial and error(27%), relations in job before(12%), chance for employers loosing(7%). Those values involve professionals like doctors or lawyers, who were good at studying when young, so get off them, most of millionaires become millionaires by chance, and make money by the chance.


The truth is that. Millionaires grasped opportunity in the chance ,loved and enjoyed the work, and the work becomes the work for me. Believe my say. Mark fisher and Mark allens book, How to think like a millionaire told that Succeed man loves their jobs, too.


Do you not believe my say now, too? If you have heard Retire when young?, I have not opened the book. Many people describe that if they became riches, they would retired and never do work. Question : Did you see Real rich have retired when they became rich? They never let it be until they are sick. Work is funny, why do I retire? And retire when make a lot of money? Those thought mean that they do not enjoy work itself. So they want to escape from the work. Will they really become riches? Also, when they are young? Not good at investment? By What the hell money? Stop voices like dogs.

2009/07/07 14:07 2009/07/07 14:07
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