Korea's first rocket, <Naro> has failed...maybe partly...
South Korea has launcehd it at the afternoon, a physician said that afternoon time is suitable since it should received solar energy which is used to generate electiricity.

At 5:00 PM, <Naro> was launching in <Goheung, JunNam>. And after 9 minute, The Scinece and Education technical ministry reported that the rocket was succeeding.

I also watched that. It is really miracle! How you can think that 140 ton of metal is flying???
<Naro>'s sound was great, The sound indicated that South Korea's advanced technology.

However, after 1 hour, The ministry spoke that we missed <Naro> becasue the rocket flied away 36km further than expected.

They told that we will find it tomorrow morning, I hope that we are doomed to find out it!!

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2009/08/25 23:24 2009/08/25 23:24
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    :: Korea's first space rocket <Naro> has failed.

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    :: Korea's first space rocket <Naro> has failed.

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