NOT really enough time?

Sayno 2009/06/30 21:03 미첼
First, old stories...
When I was young, my friends came to my home. So I fixed a paper on the wall.
"If talked more 3 minutes, have gone to your home"
I told to my friends, most of them are son of riches, that time was only my asset, and am agreed.

Early marriage, When I have been Mt.Sulak with my wife, I went there by taxi because of time shortage.
When I have been Everland with my family, I was afraid of my time, so I have been by helicopter.

Last 20 years, I have inevitably gotten in taxi 1~2 hours in day, and I grudged that time,
read sth like newspapers or week magazines

However when I drove, the time was gone very fast when I felt boring.
I have known why self-drivers didn't thought seriously went to and came from the office,
and why they told not having enough time. Also, I feel lack of time when I drive for myself.

Do you think that you can think puductive thinking during driving?
Not more than 5 minutes thnking was rounding and rounding.
Do you have not enough time?
Before, I recommended that you'd better live a place which is near work place.
If you couldn't do that, you should save other time.

As I have required employees before, write about using 24 hours per 30minutes a day.
Maybe you recognized to thinking stupid.

Dr.Gong Byung woo ate foods during sitting a chamber pot and fixed refrigerator in showeroom
to use time efficiently. I have a TV and an audio set in showeroom instead of a

Writer Goo Von hyung, who published <you employed yourself>, recommended that a day is considered as 22 hours and 2 hours should be used to develop yourself. I use 5 hours to did that on average.

Should we live with busy time? I know that slow-living with comfortable thinking is one way of lives.
However, it also is different from laziness. Needless to say, I take a rest some times. But it is rare thing, lazy-man is dilligent one time per year.
2009/06/30 21:03 2009/06/30 21:03
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Sorry about that.
Someone attcked my site and did cracking.
I threwed all mf my data away.
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