What...What is the group?

Diary 2009/08/10 23:57 미첼
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...JYP Entertainment broke a surprise attack in America.
In CNN, Nominee for "Green carpet" article, Korea's singer group <Wonder girls> was interviewed.
Maybe, A few days ago, they showed their performances on FOX TV show.
In Korea that time, many medias applaused them, and very proud of them.

But, I believe that their activities were very poor, first of all, they do not have special skills.
They do not have great voice, They do not have good dance skill...at least like <Avril larvin>...

Frankly, Why JYP decided that they would go to America?

...I don't know.

Followed a Flash movie file is updated in CNN news

2009/08/10 23:57 2009/08/10 23:57
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