2009.9.6 Do it trash work enough

Sayno 2009/09/07 00:06 미첼
Many people would feel bad if your senior ordered trash work.
As long as having good college degree, the more the people do.
Among fresh women in a company, someone would grumbled that I do not get a job in order to do coffee service or copier. Why do people think trash work is worthless? Maybe, they think. "It is unbelievable that I do trash work which should be serviced by people who are inferior!"

It is no easy work to make instant coffee...(omission)
How about copy?...(omission. Because it is a Sayno's unique thought. and I am afraid that it is used by someone who use these evily)
How about fax? Bank runner? Documentation?

A fault which is caused by trash work makes a company great shock, However a person in charge at best write down a reason paper or say, "I'm sorry". If you were given a scolding, maybe you would justify yourself with "I didn't do it on purpose"

And yet, Don't you get a job to do trash work? It's funny! Japan Electronics in Kyoto is hyper small size motor company with sales revenue more than 0.3 triliion Yen.
This company forces freshmen to do toilet cleaning. CEO Nagamori says, "It is impossible to make new product for person who do not do trash work at best." It really is.

Person who hates trash work boasts their pride. They say, "I don't want to the job in order to do trah work." Pride? What fucking Pride? College degree pride? It is a crazy saying and see around you. We believe that pride man has a high nose. Do you like him(her)?

2009/09/07 00:06 2009/09/07 00:06
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