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Diary 2009/07/16 20:55 미첼
Recent day, I have teached 3 young kids,
Starting vacation, Many collage students applied metoring program called "Program after school".
About 400 students applied...and because, it is of course my thought, recent great recession made many students go into job-less vacation, so hungry men and women was looking for a help-for-themselves part time job.

However, I clicked the program for pure private interest...^^;

I was located in middle school which I has been
And...It was very awful...

I wanted to 3 kids who have enthusiasm for studying, but the sector teacher made 2 kids apply it.

So, How do I teach them???!
<No will, No zeal> is a difinitely true verb....

2009/07/16 20:55 2009/07/16 20:55
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Diary 2009/07/13 10:11 미첼

Koreas political situation is confused now. After President Rohs dead, Many <Democratic party> members is fighting against <National Party> for their legislation.

It is a natural thing in democracy country, However, it is over-driven now. Because Koreas political, economical power is decreasing. A lot of legislations have not been passed, North Korea army is launching missiles in order to enforcing internal influence, Great recession has been playing,


In 1592, Chosun Dynasty, King Sun-jo ordered some of his people to investigate Toyotomi hideyosi, a Japans King. After investigation, the people who had been there says are divided into 2 parts, One part told that Japans king had not ambition to attack Chosun, and another spoke that Toyotomi was dangerous people and he would attack us. Tuegye Lee-lee, a chousuns famous scholar for Sung-lee hak, argued that we must raise 100 thousand soldiers to protect Japans army. However, King sun-jo rejected the argument. Because Chosuns party was divided to <Old party>, and <Young party>, and they always fight against each other for get political power. And King sun-jo used the situation to adjust his power.


After some years, Koreas was under attacked. People called the war Yim-jeen wae-ran


What I said is that, that time is similar to now.

Each party is not concerned about what people are really worried and make an effort to get power.


Plz, get along each other..

2009/07/13 10:11 2009/07/13 10:11
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